Robert F. Kennedy Jr. expressed his satisfaction that Trump Backs Bitcoin


Kennedy remarked, “I’m not a fan of Trump’s,” after the announcement of the Trump trial judgment; but, he did say that blockchain technology can protect Americans against “dystopian” artificial intelligence.

Independent U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. took the stage shortly after a New York jury found former president Donald Trump guilty on all counts. Kennedy Jr. said that, at least in regards to Bitcoin, the two men were on the same page.

Kennedy said, “I’m glad that he did that,” in response to a question about Trump’s recent change of heart toward Bitcoin.

I believe they are encouraging, he added, adding that more politicians and [SEC chair] Gary Gensler also came out to do the Ethereum ETF. “Are they motivated by political goals? Probably, but I refuse to investigate why they would do that. As long as they’re doing it, I’m pleased.

Speculation was that the introduction of spot Ethereum ETFs would signal a dramatic shift in the crypto political landscape, but Gensler has remained silent on the matter.

Kennedy expressed his enthusiasm for the growing awareness of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and the significance of decentralized currencies. He believes that these assets have the potential to revitalize our nation and restore its status as a center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

“Giving people power—the capacity to hang on to their riches without dilution, the power to transmit the wealth across borders without the government stealing it from “you”—was how he framed the bitcoin issue. The nation needs “a basic currency that will keep us out of conflict,” he said.

According to Kennedy, he meteoric rise of AI has further solidified his resolve to join the crypto community.

“The re-democratization of American society, transparency, integrity, and the freedom to have resistance mechanisms appealed to me, and I’m glad I found this community. This is especially true in light of the rise of AI and other terrifying totalitarian technologies that the government could use to spy on us and steal our personal information.”

“Our principles, our democracy, and our transparency are under jeopardy, and we must act immediately to save them,” he said. “Blockchain is the obvious method to repair the voting system,” the proponents of the distributed ledger technology say.

Nonetheless, Kennedy has made his opposition to the recently convicted former president quite apparent.

“I’m not a fan of Trump’s; I’m running against him,” Kennedy stated, saying that the U.S. national debt climbed by $8 trillion during Trump’s administration. “He promised to run America like a business, then he shut down the government and drew us into a foreign war. Divisiveness in our nation is mostly his and Biden’s fault, and it’s hurting us.”

Kennedy also attacked the prosecution, claiming that the trial and its verdict had done nothing except increase Trump’s popularity among certain supporters.

“I believe this will wind up supporting President Trump among a huge segment of the American public,” he stated, insisting that the evidence against Trump was the weakest one.

If Kennedy wants to run for office as a third-party independent, he has to dispel the impression that Vice President Biden is heavily helping his campaign.

He said, “My fans, if I’m not in the race, would vote for President Trump.” He backed this claim with polls that his team had taken, showing that he would have won a potential head-to-head matchup with the candidates from both major parties. It’s impossible for President Biden to win under any circumstances.

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