Robinhood Stores $5.8 Billion in Dogecoin


According to reports, the renowned cryptocurrency trading site currently owns 41.8 billion Dogecoins on behalf of its retail consumers.

According to @DogeWhaleAlert statistics, Robinhood, a prominent stock and cryptocurrency trading app, now holds about $6 billion in Dogecoin on behalf of its consumers.

Robinhood now has a total of $5,823,039,490 in meme cryptocurrency. This equates to about 8 times the amount of DOGE in circulation—41,829,475,750 meme coins—and 31.53 percent of the total DOGE supply in circulation. DOGE has a total circulating supply of 132,670,764,299 coins.

Robinhood now has the aforementioned DOGE in two wallets. One of them—3334959—possesses six cryptocurrency addresses, all of which are in the top twenty Dogecoin addresses.

Doge appreciates in response to Elon Musk’s latest remark

According to U.Today, the original canine cryptocurrency, DOGE, increased by 5.10 percent on Sunday when Tesla CEO and greatest Dogecoin supporter, Elon Musk, reacted on a proposal that he acquire Twitter and alter the emblem from its blue bird to DOGE.

Musk recently polled users to determine if Twitter is stifling free expression. Numerous critics have suggested that Musk acquire the social media behemoth. Rather than that, Tesla’s CEO is considering developing his own social networking site.

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