Robotic AI and Apple Vision Pro Integration Revealed by NVIDIA’s Project Gr00t


CEO Jensen Huang showcased the “very, extremely large” Blackwell AI graphics processing unit (GPU) as well as AI applications from Siemens and Mercedes.

Nvidia, riding high on its record-breaking stock price and the AI boom, revealed a number of AI-related projects on Friday. These include a collaboration to develop superior humanoid robots, an updated Blackwell computer chip, and an approach to building and facility design that leverages Apple’s Vision Pro spatial computing platform.

Jensen Huang, co-founder and CEO of NVIDIA, gave a two-hour keynote speech at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose, California, on Monday, from which the announcements followed.

Starting with the core technology of the business, Huang pointed out that the data requirements of AI development would grow at an exponential rate.

After praising the company’s current Hopper series and saying, “We’re going to have to create even larger GPUs,” he revealed “a very, very massive GPU.”

After mathematician David Blackwell, the new hardware’s namesake, Huang noted that it is a platform rather than a GPU and showcased the new B200 processor that powers it.

“People believe we manufacture graphics processing units. Though GPUs don’t seem the same as they once did, we still do.”

The next generation of robots is beginning to provide some very remarkable results, according to Huang. Huang unveiled Project GR00T—a backronym for Generalist Robot 00 Technology—to get there, drawing inspiration from the famous Marvel Comics superhero. The Jetson Thor computing platform, one of many AI-powered robots shown by Huang, is capable of difficult tasks and can interact with people in a natural way.

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