RPC endpoints for the Solana Foundation have been taken down


At this time, the RPC endpoints that are managed by the Solana Foundation cannot be accessed.  The accident had no effect whatsoever on Solana’s capacity to create new blocks.

It has been determined that the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) endpoints that are managed by the Solana Foundation are now unavailable. Because of a fault in the test version 1.14 of the Solana Validator client, the RPC endpoints, which are the nodes that crypto applications and wallets depend on to connect to the blockchain, are now inaccessible.

According to a tweet from Solana Status, “Mainnet beta Explorer and Solana Foundation Public RPC endpoints are now unavailable until RPC node software is updated.” This was caused by a flaw that was present in test version 1.14. The post made it clear that the event did not have an effect on Solana’s capacity to manufacture new blocks, which is in contrast to previous outages that halted block creation for many hours.

Despite the fact that the foundation’s RPC endpoints were unavailable, private RPCs provided by companies such as Triton, QuickNode, and Alchemy continued to be accessible online and could be utilized.

“Only Solana Foundation-sponsored events will be affected. Numerous private service providers are doing their jobs well “Austin Federa, who serves as the director of strategy and communications at the Solana Foundation, made this statement.

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