Russian Tanks Sold For 250 ETH on Opensea


Three Russian tanks are being offered on Opensea by a farmer in Olyshivka, near Kyiv, as both NFTs and real objects.

He’s even uploaded a photo of himself, however, we can’t readily verify it due to the lack of interaction and the fact that he’s not only using a basic Ethereum address but also funding it as a miner.

That is from Ethermine, which typically does not request any information from the miners who just turn on the asics. Thus, Oly, as we’ll refer to him, might have remained fully anonymous had he not shared this unverifiable photo.

“Each of my tanks is ethically procured, which means they were abandoned and no crew was harmed,” the farmer explains, before adding:

“ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO RESUME OUR AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION AFTER THE WAR IS OVER. The Russian army has destroyed a large amount of costly agricultural equipment in our village, which is required to feed Ukrainian households with our homegrown products.

Each NFT is equipped with secret tags that are visible only to the owner. These tags provide the precise coordinates of the tank’s hiding location, as well as recovery instructions. Additional information is available on the individual tank listings.

YES, you are responsible for transporting it away. You can transport it by rail around Europe, but if you are committed, you can definitely send it by cargo ship to the United States or anyplace else.”

So yet, none of the NFTs have received any proposals, possibly because civilians would have significant difficulty transporting them from the northeast of Kyiv.

The Ukrainian army can bid, provided they aren’t too busy right now, with the cheapest tank costing $700,000, about the amount of ‘help’ China offered Ukraine.

However, this may also be a very amusing joke, given that some currently believe the Farmers Division is Ukraine’s second strongest army, behind the Ukrainian army.

This comes on the heels of many accounts of farmers stealing abandoned tanks after Russian military retreated due to a lack of fuel.

Tanks that are currently being sold on Opensea rather than eBay, despite the fact that they should be heading to the Ukrainian army.

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