SenseTime Group’s co-founder’s death causes stock to drop amid ongoing problems


The untimely death of Tang Xiao’ou, co-founder of SenseTime Group, led to an 18% decline in the stock price, the worst for the firm in over a year.

After the unexpected death of co-founder Tang Xiao’ou, the stock value of the Chinese AI company SenseTime Group dropped. The 18,000-share company’s stock dropped 18%, its worst drop in almost a year. In addition to SenseTime’s slowed growth and U.S. sanctions, Tang’s downfall compounds the company’s rising problems.

News broke on December 16, 2023, that SenseTime co-founder Tang Xiao’ou had died after a long battle with sickness. A prominent figure in China’s artificial intelligence field, Tang was born in 1968 and graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His work was essential in propelling SenseTime to the forefront of computer vision technology in the country.

The stock price of SenseTime dropped the moment word spread about Tang’s passing. The stock of the corporation fell 18% on December 18, 2023, the worst one-day drop since July 20, 2022. A major player’s sudden departure from the firm startled investors.

According to SenseTime’s 2022 annual report, Tang Xiao’ou had a significant 21% ownership position in the company. He became a significant stakeholder in the corporation as a result of this. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index estimates that Tang was worth $1.1 billion when he passed away.

The development and stability of SenseTime have been impeded by obstacles that it has had to overcome. Allegations of human rights breaches in Xinjiang led to the United States government blacklisting the corporation in 2019. Capital and critical U.S. tech components were severely limited for SenseTime as a result of this move.

Additional challenges have emerged in the last several months, such as new regulations that limit the sale of sophisticated artificial intelligence chips and chipmaking equipment to Chinese companies. These new factors have made the company’s problems much worse.

The problems with SenseTime didn’t end there. The short-seller Grizzly Research accused the corporation of misrepresenting its sales. SenseTime quickly refuted these claims. Concerns about the company’s financial stability were already high before the scandal.

Prior to the most recent decline, SenseTime’s stock was trading at HK$1.26, which is below one-third of its listing price. Stock prices were almost 11% lower than they had been earlier in the week, even though they recovered some of their losses on Monday.

The sudden passing of Tang Xiao’ou rocked SenseTime Group, causing a precipitous decline in the stock price of the firm. The Chinese AI corporation has been dealing with a growth slowdown, U.S. sanctions, and charges of financial fraud; this terrible tragedy comes at a hard moment for them.

The capacity of SenseTime to overcome these obstacles and sustain its position in the fiercely competitive AI industry is something that investors will be watching with great interest. The future of the firm is uncertain as it tries to recover from the setbacks that have dampened its performance recently.

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