Shiba Inu Future Contracts May Result In SHIB Spot ETF


A significant development that could pave the way for a Shiba Inu ETF has generated enthusiasm from the Shiba Inu community. The Shiba Inu community may experience a surge of optimism as a result of Coinbase’s critical filing, which could conceivably enhance the likelihood of a SHIB ETF.

Avalanche (AVAX), Stellar (XLM), Chainlink (LINK), Polkadot (DOT), and Shiba Inu were among the regulated futures contracts that Coinbase Derivatives requested permission to launch from the U.S. CFTC last week. On July 15, Coinbase anticipates the launch of the new futures contracts, subject to CFTC approval.

RagnarShiba, a Shiba Inu social media administrator, emphasized Coinbase’s most recent initiative by submitting a filing to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission regarding Shiba Inu futures. Investors and fans are intently monitoring the situation to determine the CFTC’s response to Coinbase’s filing.

Altcoin Daily also suggested that the impending launch of Coinbase Derivatives’ CFTC-regulated Shiba Inu futures contract could potentially pave the way for a spot ETF. This is particularly noteworthy.

Altcoin Daily has also emphasized the advantages of the offering for US investors in its X post. The expert asserted that regulated futures contracts provide investors with a compliant trading environment, enhanced transparency, regulatory supervision, and risk management. Additionally, these products frequently result in the potential introduction of spot ETFs for the assets in question.

The ETF approvals have also opened the floodgates of institutional money into the crypto market, as Scott Melker, the presenter of The Wolf of All Streets podcast, has also indicated. Some of the products are already available in foreign markets, but the United States is lagging behind. Melker observed this.

Altcoin Daily also asserted that the Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs were only authorized because they initially had regulated futures contracts.

A broader spectrum of investors would be able to speculate on the price of Shiba Inu without the necessity of directly purchasing and storing the digital tokens, as ETFs offer a more accessible option for investors to gain exposure to assets.

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