Solana Blockchain’s NFT sales have surpassed $2 billion 


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After setting new records for the largest blockchains in terms of all-time NFT sales volume, Solana continues to strive for its rightful position as one of the greatest platforms supporting smart contracts.

As one of the few protocols that have discovered a solution to the blockchain trilemma, Solana is being dubbed a possible Ethereum killer (security, decentralized, and scalability).

Solana has established itself as a leading non-fungible token network in little over two years (NFTs). On June 5, Be[In]Crypto reported that the entire sales volume of Solana was in the neighbourhood of $2.35 billion.

After its original asset, SOL fell by more than $14 billion in market value in May, this is a welcome respite for the enterprise.

Solana is now in the third position, after Ronin and Ethereum, following the achievement. As a result, Solana has a greater lifetime sales volume than Flow, Polygon, WAX, Avalanche, Palm, Tezos, Waves, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Panini, to name just a few of its competitors.

What was the reason for the surge in Solana sales?

As the number of unique purchasers on the blockchain has risen steadily from October 2021, this has resulted in 83,697 unique purchasers and 374,618 transactions. Approximately $286.4 million in sales had been made by the end of October for Solana as of that date.

NFT on Solana saw a new all-time high in the number of new customers in January 2022 thanks to an increase of 83% in the number of unique purchasers since October. With 153,602 unique purchasers in January 2022, 1,014,963 transactions were completed. Solana’s monthly sales volume hit an all-time high of $298.69 million this month, making it the company’s most profitable month ever.

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