Solana price forecast for 2024 by Google Bard


Since ChatGPT’s launch, there has been a surge in interest in artificial intelligence (AI), and similar platforms have shown their worth. Take Google Bard as an example. It has proven to be very adept at analyzing cryptocurrency market trends and assets like Solana (SOL).

Solana, like the rest of the cryptocurrency market, has been rising recently, adding more than 60% in the last month. Finbold has checked with Google Bard to see whether this digital asset’s price will keep going up in 2024.

The AI chatbot brought to light the possibility that SOL’s minimum price would drop to $50.31, a 30% drop from its current level. On the other hand, a 25% rise from the existing value would put the maximum price at $79.75.

The offered price range is just a possible possibility, and Bard warns that the first cryptocurrency’s price at the start of 2024 may vary, either higher or lower. Hence, before making financial selections, it is crucial to undertake thorough study and exercise care.

Bard cites a number of variables that may affect this digital asset’s future price, with the general mood of the market determining whether prices would grow or fall as a result of bullish or bearish market circumstances.

Furthermore, as more and more decentralized apps (DApps) use Solana, the SOL token’s value rises. Since SOL tokens are required to access these decentralized apps (DApps), their demand is expected to increase as the platform continues to host more and more DApps.

In addition, the Solana blockchain is gaining popularity among users and developers because of its ever-improving features. The possible increase in appeal might lead to a spike in the price of SOL.

Lastly, the chatbot said that this digital asset’s price might rise due to more institutional adoption. This is because institutional investments often boost liquidity, which is a major influence on asset prices.

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