Solana Validators Will Try a Second Restart as Transaction Freeze Prolongs


The Solana network remained in a deep freeze on Saturday as validators prepared a second effort to restart the blockchain in the hopes of restoring service to blockchain users.

By evening New York time, validators operating Solana‘s infrastructure had long before determined that synchronizing a restart and forking the chain would be the most effective option to correct the chain. The first effort was abandoned when validators discovered they had chosen the incorrect place to resume, so prolonging the wait.

According to validators and developers interviewed by CoinDesk, the issues that began with delayed transaction processing have evolved into a near-total shutdown of Solana. Block production has paused, and no transactions are being processed or confirmed.

That means that the chain’s users cannot. Their on-chain crypto assets are immovable, trapped in place until vital backend infrastructure returns to service.

After hours of the crisis, major figures in the Solana ecosystem were still searching for a culprit. One prominent argument suggested that a “fat block” impeded the blockchain’s functionality. Incidentally, the network was transitioning to an improved version just before the onset of its problems.

At the time of publication, validators, in concert with engineers from Solana Labs, were trying to restart the chain with the backing of around 70% of the total stake. To advance, the network needs an 80% supermajority.

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