Solana will get Alchemy’s blockchain node infrastructure


On Thursday, Alchemy, a supplier of Ethereum-based node infrastructure, announced that it would be extending its operations to the Solana blockchain.

Because of this increase, the company will now be able to accommodate the scaling needs of Solana developers’ blockchain infrastructure. At the moment, Alchemy provides a node API service for use with apps built on Polygon and Ethereum. In order to connect to blockchains, well-known applications like 0x, Aave, dYdX, OpenSea, and Nifty Gateway require a product from Alchemy known as Supernode. This method is known as the Remote Procedure Call (RPC).

In the next weeks, the Supernode will provide Solana applications in domains such as DeFi, NFTs, and wallet services as a gateway to connect to Solana clusters. This will occur in the near future. It will compete with other firms on Solana’s node infrastructure, such as QuickNode, Triton, and Syndica, among others.

The most popular wallet that is built on Solana, Phantom, has announced that it would be incorporating Alchemy.

In February of 2022, Alchemy participated in a fundraising round that was sponsored by Silver Lake and received a total of $200 million.

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