SoSoValue Secures $4.15M in Funding to Improve Crypto Research Capabilities


SoSoValue, a Singapore-based startup that specializes in crypto financial research, has effectively completed a pilot funding round of US$4.15 million.

HongShan, GSR Markets, Alumni Ventures, CoinSummer Labs, and One Piece Labs were among the prominent investors who spearheaded this substantial financial boost.

Additionally, prominent figures in the crypto and technology sectors, including the co-founder of Gitcoin, an early investor in Ethereum, and the inventors of prominent Web3 and AI technology companies, participated in the funding round.

Since its inception five months ago, SoSoValue has made remarkable progress, attracting more than 1.2 million organic registered users.

This rapid expansion emphasizes the startup’s capacity to significantly influence the cryptocurrency investment landscape and the high demand for its services.

The platform is intended to equip investors of all levels with the necessary resources to make well-informed decisions in the frequently volatile and intricate world of cryptocurrency.

Jivvva, the co-founder, emphasized that the recently acquired funds would be instrumental in the improvement of SoSoValue’s AI-driven data services. These services are essential to the startup’s objective of democratizing access to high-quality data and insights.

SoSoValue endeavors to provide precise, actionable information that can assist both novice and experienced investors in more effectively navigating the cryptocurrency market by utilizing advanced AI and machine learning technologies.

The funding will also be crucial to the expansion of SoSoValue’s global crypto research community. This expansion is essential for the startup’s objective of establishing a platform that is more inclusive and provides a large audience with access to high-quality data and insights.

SoSoValue endeavors to guarantee that investors have access to comprehensive analyses and diverse perspectives, which are indispensable for making well-informed investment decisions, by cultivating a robust research community.

SoSoValue’s methodology is particularly pertinent in light of the expanding global interest in cryptocurrency investments. The necessity for dependable, data-driven insights has never been more pressing as the market continues to develop.

SoSoValue is well-positioned to fulfill this requirement and establish itself as a leader in the crypto financial research sector by emphasizing AI-driven data services and broadening its research community.

High-profile investors and technology executives’ involvement in SoSoValue’s inaugural funding round is a significant endorsement of the startup’s potential and vision.

Their involvement not only provides financial support but also valuable expertise and networks that can assist SoSoValue in accelerating its development and achieving its ambitious objectives.

In conclusion, SoSoValue’s initial funding round of US$4.15 million represents a substantial achievement for the startup. SoSoValue is on course to equip investors with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrency investments by expanding its global research community and improving its AI-driven data services.

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