Steller Upgrade Delay Because Of Bug


The update of Stellar’s smart contract might be delayed because of a flaw, even if the initial risk is minor.

It is possible that the much-anticipated Stellar blockchain update, which was originally scheduled to launch on January 30 and would provide smart contracts similar to Ethereum, could be delayed.

The revised program included a problem that was previously thought to be quite safe, but its discovery caused a delay. But the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) suggests delaying it after hearing a lot of criticism from blockchain developers.

Stellar Core v20.1.0 has a flaw found by the Stellar Development Foundation on January 25. Applications and services linked to the forthcoming “Soroban” smart contract transactions may be affected by this flaw once the update is applied.

Considering the intended staggered implementation, SDF authorities first deemed the flaw as having limited danger. However, the foundation’s attitude has shifted, and they are now taking action, thanks to the developer community’s substantial feedback.

After hearing concerns voiced by developers, the Stellar Development Foundation has chosen to proceed with caution. To make sure that the validators can’t vote to go forward with the network upgrade on January 30, as planned, they plan to “disarm” them. The foundation’s draft blog post explains that other validators may still choose to update if they so choose.

The Stellar Development Foundation has promised stakeholders that they would have a fix for the flaw in the next two weeks. This implies that the foundation will work with interested parties to set a new date for the critical upgrade vote in the event that the upgrade is delayed.

Stellar has deep roots in blockchain technology; it split out from the Ripple system in 2014. Incorporating the programmability and adaptability offered by Ethereum’s well-known smart contracts is its current focus as it aims to enhance its capabilities.

This update is being eagerly watched by traders and blockchain fans because it has the potential to breathe fresh life into Stellar’s native XLM currencies.

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