Sunny Leone Launches Her Own NFT Collectibles


Sunny Leone an Indian origin actress is set to become the first Bollywood actress to make her own NFTs (non-fungal tokens) a kind of digital artwork based out of blockchain.

As of now, Sunny Leone has launched a website for her NFTs in collaboration with Silicon Valley startup MintDropz. According to the website which states that “Your Sunny Leone NFT is your membership access pass for exclusive content, benefits, and access to Sunny Leone Metaverse.” So some of NFT’s utilities include unlockable content, access to the private Discord channel, and advance access to future drops.

While asking for the reason behind her actions, she said that she is well aware of the greatness of the crypto world. NFTs allow me to express myself in the arts, and each NFT can create its own unique token. Each of my NFTs is one hundred percent unique and has rare levels. NFTs can also unlock future content and Sometimes it can even be used for a chance to experience with me.

She further said, 

“I wanted to give myself an experience where I could express myself in art, and in this new crypto space I could also give my fans ownership, which really changes how I deal with my fans.

After the NFT release it will be made available on her website .

While in recent times in the Bollywood circle, Sunny Leone is not alone in recognizing the potential of NFTs. Indian actor, filmmaker, and TV presenter Amitabh Bachchan have also announced that he is launching his NFT collection. Shivaji Rao Gaikwad or Rajinikanth as a professional sold the moments of his blockbuster film Shivaji The Boss to NFTs.

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