TAG Heuer introduces a smartwatch technology that enables the display of NFTs


As interest in cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) surges despite the recent decline of the crypto market, the Swiss luxury wristwatch TAG Heuer has launched a smartwatch function that enables users to display their NFT collections.

Indeed, owing to its new function, TAG Heuer’s Linked Calibre E4 becomes more than a wristwatch – it transforms into an NFT viewer enabling consumers to display their digital asset collection with confirmed evidence of ownership, per the company’s June 15 statement.

According to the announcement: “TAG Heuer introduces a novel method for bringing these precious and highly coveted pieces of art into the real world. They may be worn on the wrist for the first time with confirmed proof of ownership. Connecting your crypto wallet to the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 lets you exhibit NFT artworks on your watch while ensuring their legitimacy.”

In addition, the firm emphasised that this step is “part of TAG Heuer’s increasing digital ecosystem of applications and watch faces, produced by an in-house team of developers and carrying the brand’s distinctive design characteristics.”

What purpose does this feature serve?

Specifically, the new capability enables the transmission of numerous NFTs from a linked smartphone to the new Lens watch face. The watch face may show time and user-selected NFT artworks in three distinct ways concurrently. A triangle and a circle denoting hours and minutes are also included.

Lastly, this functionality enables the watch to securely connect to many crypto wallets, such as Metamask and Ledger Live, and users may choose which NFTs to show on their watch. The photos may be scaled to suit the display.

Notably, the current move is only one stage in the company’s push towards Web3 and the adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs in general. Finbold revealed in mid-May that TAG Heuer has begun accepting bitcoin payments for all online sales on its United States website.

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