Tether Achieves 85% Profit on Big Bitcoin Bet


Along with MicroStrategy and El Salvador, Tether has also reaped enormous profits from their Bitcoin wager.

Tether Holdings Inc., the issuer of stablecoins, has reaped substantial benefits from the continuing Bitcoin (BTC) price surge. The firm’s portfolio value increased by 85% when it included Bitcoin in its reserve assets early this year, and the business has earned around $1.1 billion in profit.

May was the month when Tether revealed its intentions to begin investing 15% of its net realized operational income in Bitcoin (BTC). As a result of that choice, the company now owns 57,576 bitcoins, valued at around $2.4 billion at the present market price, with an average purchase price of $22,480 per bitcoin.

Since the business staked its claim on Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency has seen remarkable gains. As of this writing, Tether’s entire Bitcoin stockpile has grown by around 100% due to prices increasing by as much as 150% year to date (YTD). The latest confirmation of the company’s ambitions for the top coin, together with the size of its portfolio, is another significant positive milestone.

Tether has set aside up to $500 million for Bitcoin mining, in addition to its regular investment in Bitcoin. The company intends to spend substantially in this area.

Tether may have had some recent success with its Bitcoin investment strategy, but it is far from the only significant BTC investor to have seen massive returns.

The portfolio of MicroStrategy, a non-crypto-native company with more than 174,000 BTC in storage, has grown at a far faster pace. With its most recent purchase occurring this month, MicroStrategy is a perfect illustration of a persistent Bitcoin supporter. The company began amassing bitcoin in August 2020.

El Salvador, a Central American country that made Bitcoin its official currency, is another major winner in the Bitcoin surge. Bitcoin in this nation has earned more than $3 million, according to President Nayib Bukele.

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