Tezos’ 11th upgrade is meant to scale ‘without a hard fork’


The co-founder of the decentralized open-source blockchain technology Tezos (XTZ) has addressed some of the most pressing issues as the September 23rd update approaches.

Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman told Bloomberg’s Emily Chang in an interview published on September 22 that the platform was built to update “seamlessly and without the need of a hard fork” for the next Kathmandu upgrade, in contrast to big upgrades like the Ethereum (ETH) Merge.

According to Breitman: Tezos has been upgraded ten times with little disruption since the blockchain was designed to accommodate upgrades. (…) Because of this formal method, everything goes smoothly and quickly.

She went on to explain that Tezos takes a unique approach to innovation, one that calls for frequent upgrades so that changes may “happen piecemeal” rather than “boiling the ocean in one go.”

“I believe that scaling will be the next major hurdle for any blockchain, including Ethereum, and as such, the Tezos consensus algorithm has been rewritten from scratch twice, with a number of other enhancements also being implemented.”

According to her, “a lot of these networks don’t scale very well,” meaning that they can’t manage a lot of the transactions, which is why problems like congestion and fees are increasing as more people use the blockchain.

Alternatively, she emphasized how the Kathmandu update “introduces certain notions and some technological capabilities that tend towards having a lot more people utilize the blockchain.”

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