The Australian government’s proposed crypto bill was shot down in Congress


A crypto bill was recently rejected by Australia’s Senate Economic Legislation Committee, which said that the legislation needed additional work.

To be more precise, the Australian Senate Economic Legislation Committee rejected a crypto measure pushed by a pro-crypto senator.

A report claims that the committee has voted against Senator Andrew Bragg of the Liberal Party and his “Digital Assets Bill 2023.” Dean Smith, a senator from Western Australia, helped write the proposed legislation.

The committee does not think it is ready for approval, even though many stakeholders in the business have presented their arguments urgently. It states that the committee’s recommendation is that the measure be killed.

According to Bragg and Smith, the government’s move is “injuring Australian consumers and investment.” In addition, they claim that Australia now lacks a uniform set of crypto rules since the government has rejected the bill.

The bill deals with both simple and more complicated issues. The scope of what has to be audited, separated, or reported is covered by these guidelines. The bill defines “digital assets,” “digital asset exchanges,” and “stablecoins” to offer consistency and predictability in regulation.

But its major purpose is to make crypto investments easier to understand: “This Government is unwilling to safeguard consumers, and this Bill is intended to do just that.” The delay in adopting rules, according to Australian lawyer and consultation participant Joni Pirovich:

“Maybe I’ll be a little tougher. Since about mid-2022, Australia has seen a massive outflow of expertise and wealth, particularly in the areas of conventional banking and these potential surrounding CBDC and stablecoins.”

The measure was initially proposed by Bragg on March 28. “To control digital assets in Australia, I’m introducing legislation today.” He thinks that Australia’s economy and innovative capacity would benefit from stricter implementation of rules.

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