The Biden Administration Seeks Public Input Regarding the New Digital Asset Executive Order


As part of its responsibility under President Biden’s digital assets executive order, the U.S. Treasury is soliciting public feedback on cryptocurrencies.

According to a recent report from the Federal Register, the Secretary of the Treasury must provide the president with a report on the consequences of the development and widespread use of crypto assets.

In a notice released on July 8th, the Treasury Department solicits public opinion about the adoption rates of crypto assets, the potential they may provide for investors and enterprises, and the overall threats they offer to markets, traders, and the most vulnerable individuals.

The Department requests that participants explain the factors contributing to the rising popularity of the emerging asset class and the future circumstances that will promote its widespread adoption.

In addition, they want opinions on the potential presented by digital assets for consumers, investors, and enterprises.

Treasury wants to discover how the public views the dangers digital assets offer to financial markets, traders, and companies, as well as what may be done to minimise these risks.

The regulatory body is also interested in whether digital assets might enhance access to financial services for underprivileged Americans. The public has until August 8 to make official comments.

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