The Cardano founder believes crypto and AI share a problem


Blockchains were compared to AI models by the founder of Cardano to illustrate his point regarding short-term narratives.

Charles Hoskinson, inventor of Cardano, has said on the X social media platform that short-term narratives are not always effective by drawing analogies between blockchains and AI models.

Hoskinson reflected on how, not long ago, “everything” was under the control of OpenAI, an AI research firm located in the US founded by Sam Altman and famous for the viral “ChatGPT” model. But now alternative language models are making it harder and harder to succeed.

Anthropic, an American artificial intelligence startup founded by former OpenAI personnel, introduced its Claude 3 family models precisely one month ago. In terms of undergraduate-level knowledge, reasoning at the graduate level, grade school math, coding, and mixed assessments, it managed to surpass OpenAI’s GPT-4, according to the Anthropic standards.

The Information states that Meta, the old Facebook, is gearing up to release its Llama 3 language model in July. Competition in the artificial intelligence industry is increasing even with Elon Musk’s hilariously terrible Grok chatbot.

As an ecosystem, Hoskinson believes that Cardano currently has all the cards. “I wouldn’t risk my funds on an ecosystem that can reach and empower millions of people, has a sovereign wealth fund on-chain, and has maintained continuous uptime for over two hundred and thirty days,” he said.

According to Cardano’s creator, his blockchain offers the most optimal solution for governance and scalability.

According to U.Today’s reporting, Hoskinson has argued that, in some specialist industries like decentralized banking, where network effects are more brief, having a first-mover advantage might potentially be detrimental.

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