The CEO of Algorand’s compromised account takes the lead


Some locals have spoken out against Warden, claiming that she may be an intern for the SEC in the United States.

A breach occurred on the X account belonging to the Algorand Foundation’s CEO, Staci Warden. The foundation issued a statement on X (formerly Twitter) informing the community not to interact with links or direct messages sent by the hacked account.

Someone else seems to be in possession of Warden’s X account because it posted a message on January 26th that included a famous racial slur and called the Algorand community impoverished. After this, the hacker started a campaign to get everyone to sell Algorand instead.

The attacker then proceeded to create a parody segment detailing how Algorand will reach “new heights” under the leadership of Tron creator Justin Sun. Giving Sun “total control” over Algorand and letting him mint any token back to True USD (TUSD) was all that was required, according to the hacker. The hacker typed:

“I jumped at the chance to take this job right away. The advent of a new age of online trade is imminent as Algorand is set to be tied to the real USD.”

The hacker’s outrageous claim that Sun’s programs are to blame for the impending “major financial collapse in crypto” is also hilarious.

On top of all that, the hacker altered Warden’s profile bio and uploaded music to the account, claiming that the CEO had stolen six figures from the community while trying to trick people into believing it was a hack. Additionally, the hacker altered Warden’s bio to make it seem as if Warden is now a “semi-professional pole dancer” and that she has already left the Algorand Foundation.

Responding to the Sun article, several community members seemed amused by the hacker’s activities. Respondents to the post ranged from recommending that Algorand employ the exploiter to suggesting that Algorand “keep the account” with the exploiter.

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