The collaboration between Siemens and Microsoft will help advance the use of AI in manufacturing  


The new generative-AI helper from Microsoft and Siemens will help workers in sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and infrastructure.

To encourage “human-machine collaboration” and boost productivity, the firms unveiled the AI helper on October 31. They also stated that they are developing other AI assistants for use by professionals in the manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and infrastructure sectors as part of the event.

They want to spread the “benefits of generative AI to industries around the world,” as they put it. Companies claim they have manufacturing-specific Copilots in the works for the automotive, consumer packaged goods, and machine building sectors.

Microsoft claims that Schaeffler AG, a German car parts maker, has adopted the Siemens Industrial Copilot.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, has said that the next generation of AI would be able to speed up innovation “across the entire industrial sector.”

CEO of Siemens AG Roland Busch agreed, saying: “The way businesses create new products and run their operations might undergo a dramatic shift as a result of this.”

He emphasized the fact that engineers can boost their coding, innovating, and coping with labor shortages thanks to the ease with which they may collaborate with machines.

With the help of the Foundation, German firm Bosch—a direct rival of Siemens—launched a $100 million funding program in February to support Web3, AI, and IoT research initiatives.

In addition to showcasing its automotive industry innovations with EU and blockchain firms at the IAA Mobility event in Munich, Germany in September, Bosch was also present.

In November 2022, with the publication of OpenAI’s GPT-4, high-level models were more freely available, and AI immediately began making ripples in businesses throughout the world.

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