The Creator of Cardano Responds to Extreme Criticism Regarding the Vasil Launch


Cardano’s parent company, Input Output, revealed the official release date of the Vasil hard fork, which not only elicited enthusiastic responses from the project’s supporters but also inspired a few opponents to express themselves in an extreme manner.

The founder of Cardano could not tolerate such extreme language and advised the offender to purchase a “good mouthwash.”

The Vasil hard fork will be launched on Bulgaria’s Independence Day, the home country of Cardano ambassador Vasil St. Dabov, after whom the upgrade is named. In contrast, the long-awaited and repeatedly-delayed release will occur precisely one week after the Ethereum Merge, which is extremely meaningful considering the close ties between the two projects.

According to the Input-Output summary, almost all of the conditions and components for initiating Vasil are in place. Thus, 87% of all mainnet blocks are generated by nodes with the right version of 1.35.3, which is 12% more than the minimum need.

In addition, the number of exchanges that have upgraded their nodes exceeds the minimum level of 25%, and even Coinbase, whose tardiness has been criticized by the Cardano community, has started to prepare for the Vasil hard fork.

Coinbase is a significant holder of ADA liquidity; therefore, its participation is crucial to the project’s success. And last, the ten biggest Cardano-based apps by total locked value have also verified readiness.

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