The Creator of Dogecoin Reveals His Year-End Reason for Joining Twitter


In 2020, the creator of Dogecoin revealed a humorous rationale for becoming a Twitter user.

The story that started when crypto crime reporter Tiffany Fong shared her experience on X captivated the creator of Dogecoin. Specifically, Fong said that she started using the app last year while going through a difficult phase characterized by intense despair. Significant crypto losses caused by the collapse of crypto lender Celsius Network were the source of her discontent, according to the report.

But after Fong started participating in the crypto community on X, things started looking up for her. Therefore, Fong was appreciative of the unexpected opportunities that the crypto X community presented to her.

Despite the challenges in the beginning, she spoke about how the platform changed her life and how she became closer to the crypto community. At the end of her post, Fong sent an emotional statement in which she thanked the crypto community on Twitter for being so supportive.

The creator of Dogecoin, Billy Markus, shared his thoughts, looking back on his time in the cryptocurrency world. Markus, who goes by the alias “Shibetoshi Nakamoto” on X, revealed his unusual motivation for joining Twitter in 2020. He claims he went on Twitter to ask crypto market players to “cap Dogecoin” and quit bothering him.

In an attempt to lighten the mood, Markus joked that he remained a member of the platform because he discovered valuable reasons to keep engaging with the crypto community. Feeling the festive mood, Markus sent his best wishes to Fong and wished him a happy new year in return.

Following the discussion, other crypto fans wished Fong a happy new year and commended her for bouncing back from the financial loss to Celsius.

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