The CTO of Ripple explains how blockchain-agnostic solutions could increase the adoption of XRP


In a recent Twitter thread, David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple, discussed how adopting blockchain-agnostic solutions could potentially accelerate XRP’s adoption and attract more users to the digital asset.

Schwartz began his thread by noting that he frequently receives inquiries regarding whether certain technologies should be designed to function exclusively with XRP. Unless it’s an XRPL (XRP Ledger) feature, he advises against limiting a technology to only operate with XRP, explained.

The CTO of Ripple went on to clarify that numerous technologies are presently incompatible with XRP, making it more difficult for users to transition to XRP if it becomes a better fit for their future requirements. Schwartz believes that by eradicating barriers to using XRP and guaranteeing compatibility with multiple assets, more people will be attracted to the technology and enjoy enhanced user experiences.

Schwartz used Google as a further illustration of his thesis. If Google had attempted to optimize the Internet solely for users of Google products, the Internet would be considerably less pleasant for the majority of users. This would lead to fewer internet consumers, devices, and connections, thereby reducing the number of people who could access Google’s products and services.

Finally, Schwartz provided a second analogy to emphasize the significance of technological adaptability. He compared the situation to the notoriously difficult challenge of creating an instrument that could open whole, fresh coconuts. Schwartz hypothesized that a tool designed to both open coconuts and prepare a variety of other cuisines would be more alluring and broadly adopted than a tool with a singular purpose.

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