The Dubai Hotel Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments


The Manor Hotel by JA, a luxury hotel in Dubai, is now accepting cryptocurrency payments for its services. Guests may now pay for their hotel stay using Binance currency (BNB), Bitcoin (BTC), or Ethereum (ETH). Because of this, Binance’s payment gateway is now accepting payments from the hotel.

The hotel’s website will be able to use the crypto payment gateway that Binance has established. Customers and company owners have equal privileges at the hotel, according to its official website, which adheres to “tight security procedures.”

Manor Hotel’s managing partner Mohammed Hanif Al Qassim made this statement: Because The Manor is one of Dubai’s best eco-friendly boutique hotels, it has a clear goal for sustainability and digital development.

As a result of The Manor Hotel’s decision, digital assets are currently being rapidly incorporated into many industries and the global economy.

Cryptocurrency Adoption Has Been a Top Priority for Binance

Dubai, in particular, has been working hard to build local companies that leverage digital assets to empower the crypto community.

Binance has been working hard to establish a presence in the Middle East, in addition to guaranteeing that these payments are secure and that customers’ rights and the rights of business owners are protected.

As Binance’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional Head Richard Teng was reported as saying: It is Binance’s goal to boost the acceptance of crypto by our users and the community as a whole by working with well-established local companies and organisations. Our collaboration with JA and other top, forward-thinking companies are in keeping with our goal of increasing crypto acceptance in the area.

Other Dubai restaurants and bars have begun accepting cryptocurrency payments in the last few months. A strong probability exists that many more service providers will join the crypto bandwagon as the regulatory environment becomes more clear.

Acceptance of Cryptocurrencies is on the Rise When it comes to recent times

More and more firms, particularly in the service industry, are choosing to accept payments in bitcoin. In the luxury and supercar industry, EuroSports Global is now accepting digital assets as payment.

Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo cars will be available for purchase using digital money, according to EuroSports Global. FomoPay has been selected by this luxury automobile distributor to facilitate these digital asset payments. Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin (USDC), and Tether are all accepted as means of making payments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem (USDT).

AMC theatres have just partnered with BitPay, allowing consumers to pay for tickets with Dogecoin in addition to these other firms. AMC formerly accepted Bitcoin and Ethereum payments through PayPal.

Certain hotels are apparently preparing to accept non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in order to avoid holding onto superfluous inventory in the event that a hotel client decides to cancel their booking around their scheduled arrival time.

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