The Ethereum ecosystem and new L2 chains like Base have made Uniswap the most popular trade platform


The Base campaign of “onchain summer” is the basis for Uniswap user inflows. Base facilitates access by means of smart wallets that emulate web logins.

The traffic on Uniswap has recently undergone a significant change, with a substantial increase in Base users. With the implementation of smart wallets and reduced fees, Uniswap has become more accessible to retail merchants.

Uniswap is a presence on Ethereum and the top L2 scaling blockchains, with inflows of users, stablecoins, and ERC-20 tokens. Recently, there has been a change in the profile of users. The percentage of monthly active users from Base was significantly higher, and there has been a consistent increase in recent months.

Uniswap’s aggregate market share is increasing as a result of the integration of Base, which is aiding in the recovery of DEX trading. Bot activity facilitated the registration of 10 million monthly active users on decentralized exchanges.

Uniswap is also a leader in fees, with the exception of the Aerodrome DEX, a close competitor on the Base blockchain. In terms of revenues, Aerodrome is also the more efficient DEX.

The daily earnings of Uniswap Labs range from $200K to $400K. The exchange communicates with up to 460K active daily purses, which is the basis for the results. In terms of direct deposits, Uniswap is also the leader.

The exchange continues to be the most frequently utilized swap service, despite the competition it encounters for riskier trades and specialized protocols. Uniswap was the preferred listing facility for a variety of tokens, with the exception of the Solana ecosystem and Raydium DEX.

Uniswap is also witnessing a surge in the number of new liquidity pools that have been launched, with some requiring deposits as low as 1 ETH. The majority of the pairings are against a variety of WETH variants and are highly volatile.

UNI is currently trading at $9.80, which is 50% below its yearly high, despite the positive developments. However, the token has experienced a gain of over 100% in the past year due to the resurgence of users on DEX and the availability of additional tools for acquiring both old and new tokens.

Uniswap’s expansion on Base is a component of the chain’s initiative to bring on new mainstream users. In Base, there was a substantial increase in the number of smart wallets, which are designed to resemble an Internet logon while maintaining the same level of security as self-custodial wallets. Uniswap is currently associated with Moonpay, a novel service that connects new Base accounts to the exchange.

Uniswap was a critical component of the Ethereum ecosystem until recently. Nevertheless, the fees were so exorbitant that they nearly prevented retail traders and those who merely wished to experiment with cryptocurrency, even for small-scale trades and transactions.

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