The ETHPoW team said that its miner-led Ethereum split is “inevitable”


The ETHPoW team published an open letter detailing their intention to split Ethereum.

Today, the team behind ETHPoW wrote an open letter arguing that their proof-of-work Ethereum split was “inevitable.”

ETHPoW is a potential Ethereum split. It is run by a miner named Chandler Guo and intends to separate from the main Ethereum network. Guo asserts that the split will let miners continue mining operations after the merging when Ethereum converts to a proof-of-stake consensus. However, this would create two blockchains, each with its version of the protocols and currencies that function on the chain.

ETHPoW has published an open letter to the Ethereum Classic development team, ETC Cooperative. This was a response to ETC Cooperative’s previous letter to Chandler Guo, which discussed why the ETHPoW split will fail and why miners should just switch to Ethereum Classic.

In the announcement, it was said that Ethereum Classic would not be able to handle all current Ethereum miners. Therefore, it was noted that numerous PoW forks are required.

Additionally, the project gave information on its preparations. The team said it had deleted the “difficulty bomb” functionality from its version of the Ethereum source code, among several other modifications.

The difficulty bomb is a technique created by Ethereum’s core developers to deter miners from interfering with the merging by making it more difficult to mine Ethereum blocks. By eliminating this technique, ETHPoW hopes to make it easier for miners to generate new blocks when their split occurs.

In addition, the ETHPoW team gave information about more advances. Developers will be able to test the fork code on an ETHPoW testnet before it is released. The group also claimed to have enhanced security against replay attacks, a network hack that may occur during blockchain splits.

According to the message, the ETHPoW would execute the split in September, maybe in conjunction with the merging.

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