The Indian Government Is Using the Polygon Blockchain to Issue 65,000 Caste Certificates


According to Polygon’s official Twitter account, the Maharashtra government has given over 65,000 caste certificates via the Polygon network, demonstrating the value of blockchain.

Maharashtra is one of the most industrialized states in India, and a caste certificate is a documentation establishing a person’s membership in a certain caste as defined by the Indian Constitution.

This is not the first time the Polygon blockchain has been utilized for government objectives. Polygon previously announced its selection as the official blockchain platform of the Swiss city of Lugano.

Lugano will create its blockchain infrastructure with assistance from Polygon. Lugano, Switzerland’s biggest city, proclaimed Bitcoin and Tether to be “de facto” legal cash in a well-publicized crypto adoption achievement.

As previously reported by U.Today, “makemytrip,” one of India’s top online travel providers, just released its own NFT collection focused on travel on Polygon-powered ngageNFT. Polygon has witnessed a flood of big businesses deploy NFT drops on its blockchain since late 2021.

Polygon indicates that improvements have been made since the previous network disruption.
Earlier this month, the Polygon PoS chain went down due to a problem with the Heimdall chain’s state-sync mechanism. In an effort to resolve it, a series of software updates and a second problem led in the deactivation of both services. The team published many updates over several days and worked closely with all stakeholders to ensure a coordinated rollout of the improvements. It states that no user payments or data were lost.

In a recent blog post, the Polygon network discusses its efforts to improve. To begin, the Polygon team is continuing to improve Heimdall’s robustness by introducing a dynamic transaction gas limit, raising the block gas limit, and providing bulk state-sync transactions.

Additionally, it states that a long-term overhaul of the Heimdall/Bor architecture is being considered, which will remove the chain’s strong link between the bridge mechanism and the consensus and core systems.

This will be done in the chain’s next version, provisionally dubbed v3, which will combine the Heimdall and Bor nodes and chain and eliminate the bridge mechanism.

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