The ‘Monster Move’ of the Shiba Inu is quickly approaching as the August release of Shibarium approaches


The Shiba Inu project’s unknown head creator, known only as “Shytoshi Kusama,” has announced his or her ambitious goals to build a decentralized and permanent community for SHIB.

Kusama stressed that although many initiatives have tried similar aims, Shiba Inu has become one of the most successful ventures because it has exceeded expectations. The expert emphasised the need to provide a solid base for the community and to strive for actual permanency rather than just decentralization. Kusama offered an upgrade that incorporates purpose and builds on the idea of a decentralized and long-lasting community in order to fulfil Ryoshi’s initial goal for Shib.

He thinks that creating a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) is crucial to making this dream a reality. A decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) runs on the blockchain but has no one leader. Kusama suggested via his blog that the “Shiba Doggy DAO” already in existence be encased in the Cayman Foundation.

The so-called DAO legal wrapper was created in response to the growing popularity of DAOs over the last several years, and it serves to protect members, secure money, and facilitate governance. Because of their forward-thinking, pro-cryptocurrency legal frameworks, some locations including the Cayman Islands, Singapore, Switzerland, and Panama have emerged as among the most favoured for DAO creation.

Kusama claims this action is necessary to ensure the DAO’s choices are carried out by the foundation and that the DAO’s assets are managed properly.

In addition, Kusama presented the idea of Doggy DAO(s), which would regulate many facets of the Shiba Inu ecosphere. He disclosed that the system’s four main tokens will each be responsible for a distinct section of governance. The community’s long-term health and fair representation are both bolstered by this partition.

The expert also shared some interesting announcements, like Shib’s support of upcoming Toronto events Blockchain Futurist Conference, Eth Toronto, and Eth Women. Completed projects, such as the much-anticipated Shibarium network, will be shown during the event.

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