The “Most Dangerous Mission” is teased by FRIEND.TECH this spring


In their spring announcement, Friend.Tech hinted at an upcoming airdrop and detailed their bold project.

The crypto business is in the midst of a frenzy of emotions as spring sets the scene for what seems like an unprecedented endeavor by Friend.Tech, bringing up tremendous speculation. With a mysterious tweet, Friend.Tech revealed its preparations for what it calls its “most risky mission ever,” an audacious move that sparked interest and prompted questions. With an accompanying picture that may be an airdrop, the message has set the tech and crypto worlds flaming with anticipation for what’s to come.

The relevant tweet provided context with the statement, “The ft. bunnies are preparing for their most perilous mission yet this spring.” Many people are curious about this statement and have made wild guesses about what it may mean.

The timing of this news is problematic, since Friend.Tech has gone through some difficult times recently. The platform’s trading volume and the number of active traders have both declined significantly. To give you an idea of how bad things became, on February 20th, there were just 102 traders using the site and trading volume dropped to 56,000.

Notable people like Vitalik have voiced their disapproval of the ecosystem’s recent trend toward financial speculation rather than social enjoyment; thus, this slump has not gone ignored. This background complicates the expected purpose and makes one wonder what it is and how it could affect Friend.Tech’s future.

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