The mysterious deaths of crypto billionaires have caused community panic


This past year, the crypto community saw one of the harshest crypto winters in the sector’s history. However, nothing has been more unsettling than the inexplicable deaths of several affluent cryptocurrency investors.

Intriguingly, the deaths of four crypto millionaires in less than a month towards the end of 2022 have left the crypto world baffled and stoked rumours of crypto-related conspiracy.

On October 29, the body of young crypto pioneer Nikolai Mushegian was discovered on a beach in Puerto Rico only hours after he tweeted that the CIA and Mossad were hunting him. However, his family observed that he had been struggling with mental health concerns and that there was no evidence of foul play.

Then, on November 22, Javier Biosca, the subject of Spain’s most extensive investigation into bitcoin fraud, was discovered dead in Estepona. Biosca, who stayed with his wife and son at a Costa del Sol hideaway until his death, is claimed to have died after stepping out onto the terrace and falling to his death.

The next day, on November 23, Tiantian Kullander, the 30-year-old founder of Hong Kong-based crypto business Amber Group, inexplicably passed away in his sleep. Although no past nefarious transactions could be linked to the IT expert, crypto pages and pop-up sites were overwhelmed with queries about his abrupt demise, with “what sickness did Tiantian have?” and “Tiantian’s reason of death” is the most frequently searched terms.

Vyacheslav Taran, a Russian crypto millionaire and the director of the crypto exchange Libertex, perished in a helicopter accident on November 25. Although the cause of death could not be ruled out, Ukrainian police connected the strange accident to the Kremlin’s foreign intelligence, stating that Taran was responsible for laundering money from Russia via crypto activities. On the other side, Russian media said that a VIP who was due to accompany Taran abruptly cancelled his travel.

The four deaths have generated a heated discussion on crypto-Twitter, with some believing that a triangle of dissatisfied customers who suffered losses “unfairly” utilizing the deceased’s companies was out for revenge.

Another commenter sarcastically tied the death spiral to the central banking hierarchy, stating, “I would not bet on it being related to the central banking system.” There is no option. They are quite reliable. 100% no chance.”

Some Reddit users were persuaded that some of those deaths were staged so that crypto enthusiasts could begin a new life.

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