The Pokemon-Inspired Metaverse Pixelmon NFT Market Is Booming


DappRadar reports that the volume of Pixelmon NFT has increased by over 300% in the previous week. As of this writing, the daily volume is almost $20,000, and the floor price is 0.575 ETH.

Pixelmon is a role-playing NFT game with an open universe. Once the metaverse is active, gamers will be able to train, trade, battle, and develop Pixelmon NFTs similarly to Pokemon. The official website’s roadmap indicates that an alpha version of the game will be released in January 2023. It will only be accessible to Pixelmon NFT holders.

The project issued its first NFTs on February 7. The launch generated $70 million in revenue. Each NFT had a beginning price of 3 ETH. The delivery of tokens and land is anticipated for January 2023.

The NFT introduction was a tremendous success, however, the artwork was not revealed at the time of minting. The artwork was presented on February 25, almost two weeks after its debut. The delay in the unveiling of the artwork was not the only cause of displeasure.

Prior to its debut, the Pixelmon team predicted that the Pokemon-Inspired Metaverse will be “the biggest, highest-quality game NFT space has ever seen.” However, the community was outraged when the team presented the artwork since it was not of “the greatest quality” as promised.

The community thought that the initiative defrauded participants. The community asserts that the development team immediately purchased stock models from MeshTint studio and converted them to voxel art. The team acquired Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, and CloneX NFTs using the proceeds from the sale of NFTs. Martin van Blerk, the 21-year-old creator who previously used the alias “Syber,” claimed that the NFT purchase was just the team purchasing the dip.

Kevin, a member of the species, became a famous meme. It was so hideous that it attracted ridicule and became a popular meme. People ironically spent 8-9 ETH on Kevin NFT, which is about three times the original price.

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