The president of BSV pushes Meta to put metaverse data on a public blockchain


The head of the BSV Association, Jimmy Nguyen, hopes that Meta will not keep any data on their own servers.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) association president Jimmy Nguyen believes that it would be preferable for Meta to keep user data on a public blockchain, even if Meta has not yet started its metaverse project.

Cointelegraph’s Nguyen said that personal data would be maintained on a public blockchain as part of an interoperable global metaverse ecosystem. Nguyen remarked that Meta might become an interface between a blockchain and corporations’ metaverse applications if Meta uses this way. When users provide their permission, other metaverses will be able to access their data. That’s what the president of BSV said:

The Metaverse should be built by Facebook/Meta, but your personal data and identity should not be stored on their servers.

BSV’s president emphasised that this objective needed a scalable blockchain capable of handling enormous volumes of transactions and data. In Nguyen’s opinion, the BSV blockchain can do this.

It takes a lot of data to build a successful metaverse.” A blockchain with vast size, large data storage capacity, and cheap transaction costs may be beneficial to metaverse initiatives.

He believes that the BSV blockchain might play a role in the metaverse in terms of payments and as a basic ledger for all of the data files required by projects that want to develop metaverses.

At the World Economic Forum (WEF), an official from Lego Group emphasised that children’s viewpoints should be taken into consideration while developing metaverses. VP of the firm Edward Lewin remarked that since kids would be the future consumers of metaverses, professionals should concentrate on “creating from kids’ viewpoint.”

While this is going on, a recent WEF poll found that underdeveloped nations are more willing than developed ones to join the Metaverse. Those in high-income nations were less interested in the Metaverse than those in lower-income ones.

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