Tornado Cash dev’s wife banned from speaking with him 


Ksenia Malik told Cointelegraph that the Dutch government is punishing her husband as if he “were a dangerous criminal” and that the development of open-source software should never be seen as a crime.

Ksenia Malik, the wife of Tornado Cash founder Alexey Pertsev, has lashed out at Dutch police for treating her husband like a “dangerous criminal” after his detention last week.

On August 12, 2018, Pertsev was detained by the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) for allegedly using the Ethereum-based privacy technology for money laundering and concealing unlawful financial flows.

To Cointelegraph, Malik acknowledged that he has not been able to get in touch with Pertsev since the latter’s arrest and imprisonment by Dutch authorities.

When asked about her worries that Pertsev was detained without notice for what she considers to be harmless behaviour, Malik responded, “He’s held in jail as if he were a dangerous criminal.”

Since the Dutch authorities have forbidden even “one brief conversation,” Malik said she can “only imagine how he is feeling and how tough it is for him right now.”

Malik may feel hopeless in this situation, but she has a lot of people behind her. Many people have signed up to attend the August 20 event she planned in support of Pertsev and to defend the freedom of developers to produce open-source software.

Malik expressed her gratitude to the crypto community and the individuals that helped and supported 1inch, saying that it showed that “people actually care.”

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