Trump labels AI as “scary” in the midst of rampant deepfakes


Following the widespread distribution of deepfakes on social media, former US President Donald Trump has cast artificial intelligence (AI) in a negative light.

Former US President Donald Trump has made artificial intelligence (AI) a central issue in his administration. Donald Trump recently voiced his concerns about artificial intelligence (AI) in an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, calling it “maybe the most dangerous thing out there.” He stressed that there is now no obvious way to deal with the problems caused by this fast-developing technology.

Given the prevalence of deepfakes created by artificial intelligence, Donald Trump’s concerns are well-founded. During the conversation, it was brought to light that some people have used AI to make convincing simulations of Trump giving product endorsement speeches. This led him to say, “You can’t even tell the difference.”

Not only does Trump fall victim to deepfakes, but so do other famous people, like Pope Francis, Tom Hanks, Joe Biden, and even Taylor Swift. Concerned about the possibility of AI-generated deepfakes being used to distort public perception or even instigate conflicts, the former president voiced his worry about the technology.

Concerns about the need for immediate action to guarantee ethical and responsible use of AI, especially in the fight against disinformation and hate speech, are shared by him, the United Nations, and its Secretary-General. Trump emphasized the critical need to respond quickly to the threats presented by AI and urged immediate action.

His main point was that in an AI-driven world, it would be very easy to fabricate interview answers, which would greatly compromise national security. Deepfakes are a real problem, and even the head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Gary Gensler, has spoken out about it, saying that current regulations require updating to deal with the problems that new technology creates.

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