U.S. Budget Talks Pick Back Up, and Vice President Biden Attacks Crypto Millionaires


As crucial budget talks start in Washington, D.C. today, the U.S. President has spoken out.

At the press conference that wrapped up the conference, Vice President Biden claimed that his administration had already proposed almost $3 trillion in deficit reductions via expenditure cuts and new income and that his current budget proposal would reduce spending by more than a trillion dollars.

The only path ahead, we all agreed, was in a bipartisan accord, Biden said, adding that he had visited with all four congressional leaders before leaving for this trip.

The vice president went on to compare and contrast the positions of the Democrats and the Republicans on a variety of issues.

Joe Biden, the Vice President, released a $6.9 trillion budget proposal Wednesday. The big programme seeks to raise taxes on the affluent and companies to eliminate a vast deficit. It is widely anticipated that the GOP-controlled House would reject the plan. This covers those who invest in or trade cryptocurrencies.

Instead of protecting Medicaid or the employment of 100,000 teachers or 30,000 law enforcement officers, the President proposed a litany of unacceptable trade-offs, including $30 billion in tax incentives for the oil business and $200 billion in “excess payments” to the pharmaceutical industry.

His comments were reminiscent of a recent string of “this or that” tweets that claimed “MAGA House Republicans” are in favour of “tax loopholes that help wealthy crypto investors” and are against “food safety inspections.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s administration has advocated for an excise tax of 30% on the cost of power used for bitcoin mining, despite criticism from certain politicians.

Vice President Joe Biden has said that “default is not an option,” adding that discussions would start while he is on the flight back to the United States.

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