U.S. Treasuries Now Held by Tether Greater Than German Treasuries


There have been demands for stablecoin regulation, and the fact that Tether currently owns more US Treasuries than Germany is evidence of its increasing power in the digital asset market.

In the first quarter, the biggest stablecoin issuer, Tether, announced a profit of $4.52 billion. Among Tether’s assets as of March 31 were $5.4 billion worth of Bitcoin and $91 billion worth of direct and indirect US Treasury bills. Positioned between Germany and South Korea, this makes Tether the nineteenth biggest holder of US Treasuries.

The world of global treasuries is changing. A year ago, China’s Treasury holdings were $869 billion; now, they’re $767 billion. Because of the declining value of the yen, Japan, the biggest holder with over $1.2 trillion, may also decide to sell. This shift exemplifies how stablecoins like Tether are beginning to make waves in the international financial arena.

Paul Ryan, a former speaker of the House, has advocated for cryptocurrency regulation. As the demand for Treasuries rises and the US dollar’s influence grows in the digital asset market, Ryan stresses the need for regulation in a video that Radar on X posted. Stablecoins may provide further support for the US dollar as their Treasury holdings expand.

The substantial Treasury assets held by Tether highlight its contribution to the digital strength of the US dollar. The approach of Tether is indicative of a larger movement towards the centralization of digital assets in conventional finance. By purchasing US Treasuries, it helps to both secure its digital tokens and increase demand for US government debt.

There is no denying the significance of Tether and other stablecoins in the international monetary system. Stablecoins entice investors and consumers in the digital arena by backing their tokens with stable assets like US Treasuries. The reliability of digital currencies is a key factor in their widespread acceptance.

Paul Ryan’s need for regulation emphasizes the importance of a robust framework to control the impact of stablecoins. Stablecoins can safeguard investors and keep the economy stable with the right laws in place. It is crucial to have monitoring in place to avoid dangers and abuse of stablecoins as they integrate into conventional finance.

The US financial system and the global digital asset market are expected to be further impacted by Tether’s power as its Treasury holdings expand. The investments made by Tether shed light on the connection between stablecoins and more conventional financial products, which raises the prospect that stablecoins will have a significant impact on the industry going forward.

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