UnicornDAO has raised $4.5 million to help support female and LGBTQ+ artists


Web3 artists and underrepresented groups are a priority for the DAO, according to the organization’s mission statement.

ConsenSys Mesh, the designers of Bored Ape Yacht Club, Yuga Labs, and others have raised a total of 4.5 million dollars for UnicornDAO. The money will be used to assist female and/or LGBTQ+ artists.

This “female movement made up of Web3 native individuals who are employing Web3-based technologies to establish much-needed equality in the Web3 domain” was launched in March 2022 by Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, John Caldwell, and Rebecca Lamis.

To empower future Web3 producers, Yuga Labs is pleased to support UnicornDAO’s goal to finance companies and acquire NFTs founded by women and LGBTQ+ persons,” CEO Nicole Muniz remarked. For those who can’t afford to attend the UnicornDAO, Yuga Labs will donate its seat to women or LGBTQ+ leaders in the community.

Digital artist Mike Winkelmann (better known as Beeple) and music artist Sia are among those participating in the fundraising effort. UnicornDAO has already spent $1.4 million on works by Web3 artists that are under-represented.

At Camp Ethereal 2022 in Wyoming, Decrypt’s Dan Roberts interviews Jordan Garbis, co-founder of BeetsDAO, and Kent Barton, who does tokenomics at ShapeShift DAO, about how to start a DAO, the challenges of growing them, how to handle tokenomics and reward structure, as well as how to handle bad behaviour by DAO members. They received questions from the crowd at the conclusion as well.

To achieve equality for women-identified and LGBTQ+ persons, UnicornDAO claims that the art investment fund redistributes income and visibility.

‘To offer equity, justice, and pleasure to populations that have traditionally been underrepresented,’ says Tolokonnikova of UnicornDAO.

As part of her announcement to join the board of UnicornDAO on Sunday, Grimes contributed her video for “New Gods” to the DAO.

A decentralized autonomous organisation, or DAO, is a kind of online community that employs a shared treasury, smart contracts, and tokens for voting on ideas to accomplish a common purpose.

The UnicornDAO community is now available to everyone. On the 21st of June, NFT NYC in New York City will host a live launch event.

Additionally, UnicornDAO has announced the formation of UnicornRiot, an organisation committed to political organising and funding for activist causes, particularly in the United States, with an emphasis on reproductive rights.

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