Uniswap introduces browser extension and tools to enhance transactions


Uniswap has released the Uniswap browser extension, which includes a limit order placing mechanism and other features to make crypto trades easier.

The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange has attracted millions of users and processed approximately $2 trillion in transactions, according to a recent blog post by Uniswap. Uniswap is adding new products to its lineup in an effort to provide users with an even better experience.

Simplifying digital asset swaps, transaction signing, and trading, the Uniswap Extension brings a new method to engage with digital assets straight from a browser sidebar.

“Let’s be honest – the majority of wallet extensions are quite antiquated, using antiquated user experience paradigms and cumbersome onboarding routines,” Uniswap said on social media. “That’s why we constructed our very own.”

The Uniswap Extension allows users to “swap, sign transactions, and transfer or receive crypto anywhere on the web,” according to the company.

Users interested in the beta version of the platform’s browser extension may now sign up for a waitlist. Users will get reminders regarding their queue status using the Uniswap mobile app, and access will be given depending on the order in which their uni.eth usernames are claimed.

Another new feature in the upgrade is Limit Orders, which let users set prices for when they want to purchase or sell cryptocurrency automatically.

This tool may be set up to execute transactions when the market reaches a price that you specify, or it can let the order expire after a certain amount of time (up to one year) if the price isn’t reached. The gas expenses associated with creating and fulfilling Limit Orders are removed by this UniswapX-supported functionality.

Incorporating revamped Token Detail Pages and brand new Pool Detail Pages within its web interface further improved the analytical capabilities.

Incorporating smoothly into the swapping process, these improvements provide customers with real-time visualizations, transaction logs, pool statistics, and full project information. Now, from these comprehensive sites, users can get crucial market data, do in-depth research, and complete transactions immediately.

“Uniswap isn’t only facilitating swaps,” the company said. “By providing a uniform platform that allows quicker, safer, and more informed exchanging, we’re helping them swap smarter.”

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