UPBIT controls 80% of the South Korean crypto market


Upbit has a dominant 80 percent share of the South Korean cryptocurrency market and has shown endurance by bouncing back after a temporary slump in August.

In South Korea, Upbit continues to dominate the cryptocurrency trading sector. It dominates the industry with an 80 percent dominance. The August drop to 70% was followed by a strong recovery in September. Its nearest rivals, like as Bithumb, Coinone, and Korbit, are substantially less influential in the market.

Bithumb is the second-largest exchange, and it still controls 15–20% of all trading volume. However, with a 3–5% market share, Coinone clearly has a stranglehold. Korbit causes a commotion, snatching up a fraction of a percent. This difference illustrates Upbit’s disproportionate share in South Korea’s thriving cryptocurrency sector.

After Ripple’s victory in US courts, trading activity spiked on Korean exchanges. The court verdict in favor of Ripple versus the SEC in May made it clear that the selling of XRP in transactions did not constitute investment contracts. As a result, XRP prices increased by an astounding 80%, breathing new life into the market.

Because of this event, trade volumes on Korean markets rose dramatically. From June’s $27 billion to July’s $37 billion represents a 37% increase in activity. When major trading platforms like Binance saw a stall in activity, they were given a boost.

Furthermore, Korean exchanges have shown to be sturdy in the face of the general downward trend impacting centralized exchanges. After a precipitous drop from a February high of $45 billion to a May low of $23 billion, trading volumes have now recovered. This comeback, highlighted by the recent $37 billion high, dwarfs market giants like Binance.

Korea’s key exchanges are prospering internationally. Trading figures show that Korean exchanges often outperform industry leaders like Binance and Coinbase. When compared to Binance, their market share increased from 7 percent in March to 16 percent in September.

This promising development heralds the rising importance of local exchanges within the cryptocurrency market. Gyeonggi province’s top authorities openly announcing their crypto stakes lend credence to this theory.

However, it is essential to keep an eye on how these local exchanges handle the challenging regulatory and competitive environment. Whether or if South Korea maintains its current market share and trading volume in the global crypto market will be determined by their success in doing so.

The success of Upbit and other South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges heralds a new era for the local cryptocurrency market. These sites are revolutionizing their own markets and becoming major participants in global commerce. Their worldwide travel plans will be heavily influenced by what happens next.

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