VeChain and Shanghai Use Blockchain to Fight Climate Change


A Shanghai-based company and VeChain have joined forces to provide carbon control solutions.

The Shanghai Environment Exchange and prominent blockchain platform VeChain are working together to create cutting-edge solutions for managing carbon emissions. Governments, organizations, and people will be able to make better choices for a sustainable future thanks to this partnership’s goal of using blockchain technology to increase carbon data transparency and traceability.

When it comes to combining blockchain technology with carbon footprint measurement, VeChain was an early adopter. Transportation, construction, and manufacturing are just a few of the many areas that may benefit from its solutions. These technologies make it easier to track and control carbon emissions, which helps move us closer to our goal of carbon neutrality.

Shanghai Tanlian Technology, the brains of VeCarbon, had a successful year earlier this year, which VeChain rejoiced about. As part of its goal to provide complete carbon management services worldwide, VeChain reached a major milestone with this accomplishment.

In the cryptocurrency world, VeCarbon’s solutions have become well-known for their success. An influential industry voice, Collin Brown, brought attention to the fruitful talks that took place between Shanghai Tanlian and Chinese district officials on the implementation of these services.

In addition, the director of Jinan’s Beiyuan Street, Wang Peng, praised VeChain’s business strategy and technical capabilities for its environmental endeavors. Supporting local green initiatives and ensuring economic sustainability are two of VeChain’s primary goals, he said.

With local governments like Beiyuan Street actively promoting green and low-carbon industry growth, this partnership with the Shanghai Environment Exchange has great potential for the future.

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