Web3 is McLaren Automotive’s first foray into the metaverse


MSO LAB is mostly a new digital community that represents the next phase in McLaren Automotive’s metaverse strategy, revealed the British luxury supercar maker McLaren Automotive today, April 28.

According to material supplied with Finbold, MSO is an atelier where designers and engineers collaborate, and it now extends that collaboration into the digital Web3 realm, allowing for the establishment of a like-minded community and the opportunity to push the frontiers of performance, possibility, and design without being confined by the rules of physics or thermodynamics.

With the help of MSO LAB, the McLaren design team has created unique, limited-edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The first limited-edition drop of the NFTs will be on sale soon.

McLaren Automotive’s Chief Marketing Officer, Gareth Dunsmore, said the following: Customers and admirers in the Web3 ecosystem will be able to communicate with us in a new manner.” It’s only right that MSO LAB, the company’s in-house custom branch, be the place where we interact in the metaverse and push the boundaries of potential and design without being constrained by physical restrictions.”

A limited-edition McLaren NFT has been designed by the design team at McLaren and MSO LAB, and the first of these NFTs will be released in the near future.

With the MSO LAB, McLaren customers will be prioritised and have access to a variety of services and benefits that are otherwise inaccessible.

It is expected that McLaren customers would be preferred when it comes to join the MSO Lab group which offers special privileges unavailable elsewhere.

If you join the MSO LAB early, you’ll get an exclusive digital sketch from the McLaren design team, a virtual tour of the McLaren Technology Center, and the opportunity to attend McLaren Automotive events.

To keep pushing the boundaries of access, ownership, and experience in the MSO LAB community and the Web3 era, McLaren will continue to invent and harness new and unique methods.

For all McLaren NFTs, InfiniteWorld, which was recently disclosed as McLaren Automotive’s metaverse partner, will be providing support for the McLaren marketplace.

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