Winklevoss twins invest $4.5 million in Bitcoin and become co-owners of a Bitcoin soccer club


Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack has the support of the Winklevoss twins and his goal of promoting Real Bedford FC to the English Premier League.

After contributing $4.5 million worth of Bitcoin to Real Bedford Football Club (RBFC), Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have become co-owners with Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack.

The Winklevoss twins’ investment business, Winklevoss Capital, carried out the investment and purchase, as stated recently.

According to McCormack, who spoke with Cointelegraph, the club’s Bitcoin treasury will be set up with the funds in order to protect the club “against long-term fiat debasement.”

“The infrastructure benefits from the investment. The key is to align this with our aspirations,” McCormack said.

A new training facility and continuing assistance for youth and girls’ football are two other recipients of the funds.

Based in his birthplace of Bedford, United Kingdom, with a population of just under 200,000, McCormack bought RBFC in 2021.

He dreams of RBFC competing in the English Premier League with famous British teams like Chelsea and Manchester United. The club accepts Bitcoin for game day tickets, merchandising, sponsorships, and refreshments.

There is a great deal of distance between us and the Premier League. Although it is an intriguing goal, McCormack remarked that he focuses on one league at a time.

The Winklevoss twins are on board with McCormack’s plan to elevate RBFC to the highest level of British football.

The Winklevoss brothers made it clear that their investment was more than just in a football club; it was in their ambition to bring Premier League action to Bedford.

“We are fully committed to Bitcoin and its potential to greatly enhance RBFC’s journey into the Premier League,” Tyler Winklevoss chimed in.

This follows news of the Winklevoss twins’ claimed $4.9 million donation to the crypto-focused Fairshake super PAC, which will back politicians sympathetic to cryptocurrency in the next US elections.

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