XRP has surpassed Bitcoin (BTC) on South Korea’s Bithumb as the most actively traded asset


CoinMarketCap reports that XRP is the most actively traded cryptocurrency on the Bithumb market in South Korea.

At the time of writing, the daily trading volume on Bithumb was $205 million across 170 different cryptocurrencies.

The XRP/KRW trading pair is still the most actively traded asset on the Bithumb platform, having accounted for 26% of the total volume, or $37,619,722.

The XRP/KRW pair was the most active, accounting for $149,157,173 in trades or 17.26% of the total. Korbit, another Korean cryptocurrency exchange, shows the same thing. In particular, the XRP/KRW combination was responsible for a whopping 44.4%, or $1,441,457, of the total volume on Korbit.

Following the most recent judgement in the Ripple-SEC litigation, the trading volume of XRP increased on the three largest Korean cryptocurrency exchanges (Upbit, Bithumb, and Korbit).

Prominent solicitors in the XRP community have expressed optimism that the more than two-year-long Ripple-SEC litigation may finally be coming to a close thanks to the new court order.

Subsequently, XRP rose by over 7%, and the trend has been maintained even up to the time of writing. At its current price of $0.466, it has gained 4.37% in the previous 24 hours and 10.34% in the last 7 days. Among crypto enthusiasts, South Korean dealers have a reputation for driving up the prices of coins.

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