YouTube and Google DeepMind Work Together on Music AI Tool Despite Hack


Despite YouTube’s ban on AI-generated music, Google DeepMind and YouTube have teamed together on an AI tool for music.

Unexpectedly, YouTube and Google DeepMind have teamed together to create an AI tool for music, among other AI-focused initiatives. The innovators and artists out there will find this toolkit invaluable as they work to bring their musical visions to life.

YouTube has now made it plain that it would delete AI-generated music and covers upon request via the platform’s privacy request procedure, but nothing else. The platform’s position on copyright and content ownership issues surrounding AI-generated music is signaled by this decision.

The partnership with Google DeepMind offers a promising suite of tools for producers, in spite of YouTube’s crackdown. Artists will be able to easily turn their ideas into musical compositions with the help of the Music AI tool. Just by humming along, musicians will be able to come up with new guitar riffs or transform a pop song into a reggaeton smash hit.

Google is already developing more tools with the same goal of strengthening relationships between music lovers and their favorite performers, in addition to the Music AI tool. Fans can look forward to new ways to connect with and support their favorite authors thanks to these creative ideas.

Also, Google is releasing an artificial intelligence tool called “Dream Track” that lets anyone make their own music for YouTube Shorts. This project gives makers a chance to add individualized music to their films, which fits perfectly with the current trend of short-form video content.

Developed in tandem with Google DeepMind, these AI tools take use of Lyra’s strengths as DeepMind’s most sophisticated music generating model. Later this year, they will be made accessible to those who are enrolled in the Music AI Incubator. Only a small number of American creators will have access in the beginning.

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