Yuga Labs Launches ‘First Trips’ to Otherside in Bored Ape Metaverse


In its first phase, the platform will only be accessible to owners of Otherside land parcels.

Otherside, the much-awaited metaverse game platform from the founders of the Bored Ape Yacht Club is now available to the public. Almost.

The Yuga Labs-created game welcomed 4,300 “Voyagers” to a first-look tech demonstration and tour of the immersive, ape-navigated internet environment on Saturday. All Otherside players will be needed to participate in or observe one of these “First Trips” to play the game, which has not yet premiered in its entirety.

All 4,300 gamers who participated in yesterday’s digital expedition to the “Biogenic Swamp” in the core of Otherside owned “Otherdeeds,” or digital land titles within the platform. Otherside’s creators revealed in a litepaper posted immediately after yesterday’s First Trip that only Otherdeed owners and “chosen third-party developers” would be authorised to play in the game during its first phase.

According to the litepaper, “Phase 1” will have Otherdeed owners play Voyager’s Journey, an 11-part narrative game “revolving around a strange Obelisk that has arisen in the Otherside realm.” In Phase 1, Otherdeed owners will be able to define the platform’s key features as co-developers by using the Otherside Development Kit, the platform’s set of creative tools.

The litepaper noted, “We believe in the tremendous power of community and have seen directly how it can be a huge force for good in our profession.” We want to encourage, empower, and honour the expression, creativity, and inventiveness of Otherside’s contributor community.

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