20,000 ETH Transferred Among Wallets by Whales


According to WhaleAlert, approximately 20,000 ETH, or 55,719,034 in value, has been transferred between wallets as whales continue to amass the second-largest cryptocurrency. Despite the cryptocurrency’s limited performance, large Ethereum addresses continue to accumulate assets on the market.

Whales have been grabbing assets like as Ethereum, Shiba Inu, SAND, and MANA in recent hours, according to WhaleStats data. Ethereum is also one of the top ten coins acquired by whales.

A whale, simply put, is someone who has a huge number of cryptocurrencies or is otherwise a significant holder. The blockchain revealed two ETH transactions with FTM whales collecting 450 ETH, or $1,234,386 in value, and 392 ETH, or $1,062,426 in value.

U.Today earlier reported on significant whale address buildup despite price suppression. According to Santiment statistics, despite the price adjustment, Ethereum’s billionaire addresses (holding 1 million to 10 million ETH) gained 2.2 percent more of the supply during the last six months.

Ethereum Merge is now available on the testnet

Ethereum Merge was introduced earlier this month on the Kiln testnet, laying the groundwork for the blockchain’s future shift to a proof-of-stake network, with network validators already creating post-merge blocks containing transactions.

The term “merge” refers to the process by which Ethereum’s execution layer—the present Ethereum proof-of-work network—is integrated into the Beacon chain’s “consensus layer,” which is Ethereum’s upcoming proof-of-stake blockchain.

Kiln, according to ETH engineers, will be the last merging testnet built before current public testnets are updated. At the time of writing, ether was trading at little over $2,797, after an intraday rise to highs of $2,820.

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