A Recent Coinbase Survey Reveals Where Institutional Investors Anticipate Crypto Prices to Be One Year From Now


Coinbase is publishing the findings of a new poll it commissioned to see how institutional investors view the future of the cryptocurrency sector.

The 2022 Institutional Investor Digital Assets Prognosis Survey interviewed 140 institutional investors with a combined $2.6 trillion in assets under control about their outlook for the digital assets industry.

In spite of the current down market, roughly three-quarters of participants believe crypto assets are here to stay, indicating that virtual currencies are now widely recognized as an asset class.

72% of respondents believe that digital assets are here to stay (86% of those who are actively involved in crypto and 64% of those who want to participate).

Although the long-term outlook remains good, the findings indicate that investors are less optimistic that digital assets will provide strong returns in the next months due to industry turbulence.

More than half of poll respondents do not anticipate considerable price movement in crypto over the next 12 months, and more than a quarter believe digital assets will see greater losses.

Due to the crypto winter, investors are less bullish on the near-term prospects for cryptocurrency prices. When questioned about their price view, 54% of investors anticipate range-bound pricing for cryptocurrencies over the next 12 months, while 29% anticipate a downward trend.

According to the study, the majority of respondents believe that cryptocurrencies would ultimately recover.

71% of investors anticipate digital asset values to improve over the long term, indicating that the long-term price outlook remains favourable.

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