After Brave Internet Browser, Solana Hosts Mobile Messaging App, Jabber by Bonafida


Now it’s just a click away to download and start a chat with friends, engage in community discussions, or make money from your DMs, and have access to all of them with your Solana wallet.

Bonfida has announced the launch of Jabber in Solana, and thus claiming it to be “the first mobile messaging app built into any blockchain platform”.

Although there is one wonderful feature that deserves special attention. Bonfida said in a statement.

“Your DMs and groups can easily make money by setting a price (in SOL) for each message that other users pay to send you a message. It provides an incredible way for content creators to make money with their work and involvement”.

Additionally, Jaber users can send or receive tips and send encrypted personal messages. However, according to Press Time, messages in group chats are not encrypted. In addition, Bonfida provided a long list of prohibited jurisdictions, including the UK and the USA.

Communication in the crypto field usually takes place on a variety of channels – Telegram, Reddit, Twitter space, and more. As Bonfida explains, blockchain-based messaging applications provide multiple use contexts in the living space.

According to the market cap, the fifth-largest blockchain has already entered the IT and communications sectors. An example of this is Solana’s partnership with Brave Privacy Protecting Internet Browser, introduced by crypto wallets. In addition, Brave Crypto Wallet plans to consolidate Solana in the coming year.

As such partnerships grow, non-crypto users will be able to experience crypto or blockchain features on their digital devices. However, as Bonfida’s list of prohibited jurisdictions shows, the app creators’ own consent policies also play a large role in Solana’s growth.

Recently, Iranian students waiting for the ConsenSys Academy course were shocked to receive an email that their registration had been suspended. The reason being Iranian students are reported to be in a country surrounded by US legal sanctions.

However, Solana co-founder Raj Gokal took quick action and invited students to attend the Solana coding course instead.

As blockchain communities move around the world, not just applications, it is clear that regulation and compliance will continue to affect crypto adoption at places.

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